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TD910 18 Inch Windows 7 Panel PC
TD910 18 Inch Windows 7 Panel PC

TD910 18 Inch Windows 7 Panel PC

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ETD1644-AD Plug-in module 16 DI/DO - 4 AI - 4 AO / Power supply 12..24VDC [+$372.00]
ETDWIF-AD WIFI 802.11b,g,n [+$219.00]
ETD2RS232-AD 2 x RS232 [+$266.00]
ETDLAN1G-AD LAN 10/100/1000T RJ45 [+$299.00]
TD910-A128-8Q 8GB RAM [+$221.00]
The TD910 is an 18 inch Touchscreen Panel PC running on Windows 7 Pro and has an Intel ® Celeron Quad Core ® J1900 Processor at 2GHz. It also has a 64 or optional 128 GB Solid State hard drive 4GB DDR3 RAM. The display is a 24 bit LVDS and has 1336 x 768 pixels with LED back-light display.
The TD910 is equipped with an RS232, RS485, USB, and 2 x Ethernet ports. The protocols on these ports are CAN open, Modbus Master/Slave and Modbus TCP/IP.
Programming is performed by the use of the PLprog software available free of charge and ladder diagrams. It has both RS232 and RS485 serial ports and comes complete with a real-time clock and battery back up.
18 inch Touchscreen Panel PC

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