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TD240 HMI with Integrated PLC
TD240 HMI with Integrated PLC

TD240 HMI with Integrated PLC

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The TD240 is now an obsolete product. Please select TD410.
The TD240-11AD is a 3.5 inch Touch Screen HMI with a built-in PLC. The TD240 can accept inputs from 4 analog sensors and 16 digital inputs. It also has 4 0-10 Volt analog outputs and 16 solid state relays up to 700 mA each. The TD240-11AD can accept inputs from K type Thermocouples, S type Thermocouples, J type Thermocouples, T type Thermocouples, R type Thermocouples, E type Thermocouples. Pt100, Ni100, Pt1000 and Pt500 Resistance temperature detectors. NTC 10K Ohm and PTC1 K Ohm Thermistors. 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mV, 0-1 Volt and 0-10 Volts. The output is 0-10V 16 bit and can be set up as a control output with P, PI, PID or PD. Other function blocks include timers, up counters, down counters, mathematics, logic functions and rescale. Programming is performed by the use of the PLprog software available free of charge and Ladder diagrams. It has both RS232 and RS485 serial ports and comes complete with a real-time clock and battery back up. More analog and digital inputs and outputs can be added with the use of the MCM Data acquisition family of products.

Touch Screen HMI with a built in PLC

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