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STR551 OLED Panel Meter
STR551 OLED Panel Meter

STR551 OLED Panel Meter

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Part Number:STR551-12ABC-T128R
The Panel Meter STR551 OLED is a display Panel Meter. The STR551 Panel Meter can accept signals from Thermocouples, 4-20mA RTD's Voltage and provide a 4-20mA retransmission. It can also provide a Modbus RTU output. The STR551 also has 2 relays and 2 digital inputs. The STR551 is a 1/8 din 48 x 96 mm panel mount instrument which can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It can display process variables, bar graphs, alphanumeric characters and with the data logger feature show the stored data in a trend view. The STR551 Panel Meter has two analog retransmission outputs 0-10V and a 4-20mA. It has two relays that can be used for high, low, threshold, band and these alarms can be instantaneous or delayed, The relays can also be used as a sensor break alarm. Other features built in as standard are maximum and minimum peak values, totalization and data logging, RS485 Modbus RTU.

OLED Panel Meter

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