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Part Number:PL-250

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PL250-10AD no thermocouple [+$-100.00]
Expansion-Memory-32K [+$25.00]
Programming-Kit-PL250/260 [+$192.00]
The PL250 is designed to accept Thermocouple or mA/ Voltage input and is mountable on DIN Rail. The PL250-11AD has 4 16 Bit Thermocouple or RTD inputs. The PL250-10AD has 4 0-10V input or 2 0/4-20mA input. Both units have 16 Digital input (PNP) and are able to accept encoder inputs. The PL250 has two 0-10 V analog outputs with p, PI, PID control and 12 relays with 5 Amp contacts. The analog and digital count can be increased with using the MCM260 modules. The PL250 can be programmed with the PLprog software. It uses ladder diagrams, logic relays, timers, counters, maths and logic functions. The PL250 has a real-time clock and can have a backup battery.

Thermocouple Input PLC

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