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PL-110 Mini PLC
PL-110 Mini PLC

PL-110 Mini PLC

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Part Number:PL110-2A

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The Mini Din Rail PLC PL110 is a PLC designed to mount on DIN Rail. The PL110 has a 0/4-20mA input, 0-10V input, two NTC 10K thermistor inputs, and two potentiometer inputs. 8 PNP digital inputs and 2 inputs for encoders. The PL110 has an analog output with PID control. It also has 8 relays with contact ratings up to 1 Amp and outputs with 2 Amp ratings. Using the MCM260 modules the analog and digital input and output can be expanded. The PL110 is available with or without the OLED display and comes with 2 RS485 Modbus ports and a USB port. The PL110 can be programmed with the PLprog software. It uses ladder diagrams, logic relays, timers, counters, maths and logic functions. The PL110 has a real-time clock and can have a backup battery.

Mini PLC

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