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Part Number:EPL-101-1AB-N-V

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The EPL101 PLC is a circuit board OEM PLC. The EPL101 has 4 analog inputs, 7 digital inputs and 2 inputs for Encoders. It has 6 relay outputs, 5 that are rated for 5 Amps and 1 relay rated for 16 Amps. It also has an analog output 0-5 Volts. The outputs can be simple on-off or P, PI, PID or PD control. The EPL101 accepts inputs from K, S, T, R, J or E type thermocouples, Pt100, Ni100 RTD'S. NTC10K thermistor inputs. The EPL101 also accepts inputs from sensors with 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-20mV or 0-1V signal. It also has 6 digital PNP inputs up to 1 Hz and 2 NPN inputs up to 2 KHz. The EPL101 can be programmed with the PLprog software. It uses ladder diagrams, logic relays, timers, counters, maths and logic functions. The EPL101 has a real-time clock and can have a backup battery.

Low Cost OEM PLC

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