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DRR244 PID Controller, DIN Rail Mount
DRR244 PID Controller, DIN Rail Mount

DRR244 PID Controller, DIN Rail Mount

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Part Number:DRR244-13ABC-T
The PID Controller DIN rail mounted DRR244 has a highly visible white LED display that has text messages for alarms and other status messages. It has a remote setpoint that can be set by the Modbus RS485 or a 4-20mA input. The DRR244 can be programmed by the smartphone My-pixsys APP or by a PC. When programming with the PC via the LabSoftView software, there is no need for power to the DRR244, meaning that many DDR244 can be set up quickly. The DRR244 is designed to be installed in a control room or MCB on a DIN Rail and comes standard with 3 relays, 2 SSR output 2 digital Inputs, and Modbus RTU. The digital input can activate a process that allows the soft start and gradient temperature setpoint to rise. There is also a current transformer input. The DRR244 accepts inputs from most sensors, including thermocouples K, J, R, and S. RTD PT100, PT500, PT1000 NI100, thermistors PTC1K and NTC10K. Process signals 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 volts, 0-40 mV, and potentiometers with a range up to 150 K Ohms.
PID Controller, DIN Rail Mount

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