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DRR227 Phase Angle Temperature Controller
DRR227 Phase Angle Temperature Controller

DRR227 Phase Angle Temperature Controller

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The DRR227 Phase Angle Temperature Controller is DIN Rail Mounted and has 3 SSR outputs. It has options for Phase Angle or Burst Firing control. The DRR227 accepts inputs from K, J, S or R type thermocouples, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, and Ni100 RTD'S and PTC1K and NTC10K Thermistor inputs. The DRR227 also accepts inputs from sensor with 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-40mV or 0-10V outputs. The DRR227 can also accept inputs from Potentiometers with the nominal range of 6 Kohms or 150 Kohms. An input is available for a Current Transformer. The DRR227 has two 4 digit displays one for the Process variable and the other for the Setpoint. The DRR227 has 2 relay and a Solid State Output. The DRR227 is 1/4 Din standard 48 x 48 mm and is able to withstand environmental conditions up to IP65 with the optional gasket. The DRR227 can be programmed with the front panel keypad or PC based software and multiple units can be cloned with the use of a memory card enabling high-speed configuration. The PC based software can also be used to monitor several Temperature Controllers. Desired control is maintained with PID and auto-tuning.

Phase Angle Temperature Controller

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