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ATR444 Dual Controller
ATR444 Dual Controller

ATR444 Dual Controller

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The ATR444 Dual Controller is a single or dual controller with options for one or two analog inputs and outputs. Other main features are Modbus RTU and an array of optional Digital inputs, Relays, Solid State Relays, and current transformers inputs.
The ATR444 PID Controller has options for two loops controlling heating and cooling modes with separate control loop outputs. The screen is alphanumerical and is highly visible, and the keypad has eight keys that can be used to set up the controller and four function keys for use with other features and programmable functions.
The ATR444 has removable terminal blocks so the device can be replaced without the need to undo the wiring, and the terminal blocks are spring locking.
The ATR444 is programmed with the MYPixsys App with an NFC connection, or the LABSOFTVIEW software on a PC, or the front panel keyboard. It is straightforward to program with scrolling help and active alarm and status messages. You can set up the ATR444 without power connected to the device. The unit has indication of the process variable, the local or remote setpoint text indication, and a local bargraph.
The ATR444 has a high-speed analog to digital converter and has a response time of 252hZ 4 ms. It has a highly efficient self-adapting tuning and is optimized to respond to process load variations. The ART444 has the option when both analog inputs are used to provide mathematical function such as averaging the two inputs, calculating the difference or the sum of the inputs. The inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. The ATR444 has the option of following a 12 step profile and can be used in combination with the 4 multi-purpose function keys.
Dual Controller

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