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ATR244 Modbus Temperature Controller
ATR244 Modbus Temperature Controller

ATR244 Modbus Temperature Controller

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The ATR244 Modbus Temperature Controller is a 1/4 DIN Modbus enabled Controller that can accept inputs from a variety of industrial sensors. The sensor could be 4-20 mA, Thermocouples, RTD's, Thermistors, Potentiometers or a 0-10 V signal. The ATR244 also has digital and current transformer inputs. It is possible to also have a remote set point.
The ATR244 is the first Temperature Controller that can be programmed by RFID from an Android device. It can still be programmed by Labsoftview on a normal PC and by Memory card and then can act as a Modbus RTU slave.
The power supply on the ATR244 can be from 24 V to 230 Vac and Vdc with 2500 V isolation.
The ATR244 has several output options besides the Modbus RS485. Either 2 or 3 relay with 5 Amp contact and 2 SSR with a voltage rating of either 12 / 24 Vdc up to a maximum current rating of 30 mA.
Modbus Temperature Controller

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