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ATR171 Retransmission Controller
ATR171 Retransmission Controller

ATR171 Retransmission Controller

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The ATR171 Retransmission Temperature controller. The output can retransmit the sensor input in to a 0-10V or 4-20mA output. The ATR171 is a dual input Temperature controller the inputs can bed thermocouples, RTD, Thermistors, Voltage mV or a Current. The ATR171 has a 2 two 4 digit displays one for the Process variable and the other for the Set point. The ATR171 can have 3 set points which can be triggered by a digital input. The 3 set points can be used to build a temperature profile that drives the temperature up and down at predetermined intervals. Also the temperature can be maintained for a period of time and then cooled down at a predetermined time period. The ATR171 can have up to 4 relays, a Solid State Output and an option to have a Modbus RS485 output. The ATR171 is only 2 7/8" square cut out and is able to withstand environmental conditions up to IP65 with the optional gasket. The ATR171 can be programmed with PC based software and multiple units can be cloned with the use of a memory card enabling high speed configuration. The PC based software can also be used to monitor several Temperature Controllers. Desired control is maintained with PID and auto tuning.

Retransmission Temperature Controller

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